Something new is coming soon

Something new is coming soon

We’ve been working on something for the better part of a year. Actually, we have been working on a product to help you combat one of the most common modern problems. A problem that we are all talking about (even more so in 2020), a problem so persistent that it seems to be impossible to get rid of…


We find ourselves constantly running around, ticking off items off our to-do list, running to the next appointment (or zoom call), running to dinner (or the kitchen to prepare dinner) or running to the next something. Our office has taken over our home (although it is called “home office”) and our schedule appears busier than ever. It has never been so hard to take a break. A real break – to just sit down with nothing on our mind in order to actually process what’s happening. So we continue to run around until we feel exhausted and overwhelmed. 


This is where we come in: We created a powerful Chocolate Chai blend of 10 natural ingredients, superfoods and adaptogens to support your busy days. We can’t actually tick-off the items on your to-do list but we can help you in the process and encourage you to do it in a sustainable way. Stay tuned and follow us on our social media accounts @unmynd 


It’s time to take a break and #unmynd

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