Discover the power of cacao and embark on a magic journey

It is a heart-opening and spiritual ritual where cacao is consciously prepared and consumed in its purest form as sacred plant medicine. Cacao is honored as a symbol of love, joy and creativity and it is a rich source of scientifically proven happiness hormones. 

The cacao ceremony provides space for self-reflection, emotional release, strengthening intuition and helps you relax and reduce stress. It allows for a deeper connection with nature and oneself. Find clarity and bliss and reconnect to your inner wisdom.

A ceremony often includes elements such as breathwork, meditation, music, singing, dance and sharing intentions. An important aspect of the ceremony is also expressing gratitude to oneself and nature for granting us access to this natural plant.

Whether you enjoy cacao alone or in the company of others, it is an experience that connects you with the power and beauty of cacao as an energetic and healing food.

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