Online Cacao Ceremony - Group Session

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A Cacao Ceremony is a heart-opening ritual to look inside your soul and warm up your whole being with the plant medicine cacao. 

Cacao has been used by indigenous cultures of South America for spiritual, medicinal, and ceremonial purposes for centuries.

Cacao contains a variety of nutrients and bioactive compounds that give it its health-promoting properties including the "bliss" molecule, which induces happiness and has an energizing and euphoric effect on the body.

This allows access to a deeper self and strengthens the connection to oneself and others. At the same time, an intense meditative state is reached and a sense of peace and serenity is felt.

What to expect in this 1-hour ceremony:

✨ Opening Circle + Setting Intentions
✨ Meditation
✨ Practicing Gratitude 
✨ Cacao Ceremony with Music
✨ Sharing Experiences in the Group + Closing Circle

This ceremony will take you on a gentle and tranquil spiritual journey, providing space for self-discovery and personal development. 


The ceremony is not suitable for: 
✨ Pregnancy and breastfeeding 
✨ Severe mental disorders, anxiety disorders, or panic attacks
✨ Cardiovascular diseases, symptomatic cardiac arrhythmias or other heart conditions
✨ Gastroesophageal reflux disease
✨ Peptic ulcer disease 
✨ Liver and kidney dysfunctions
✨ Epilepsy or other seizures
✨ Regular migraines
✨ High cholesterol levels
✨ Diabetes
✨ Irritable bowel syndrome

Each participant declares with their registration that they are physically healthy, mentally stable and capable of meeting the physical and mental demands of this event and have taken note of the contraindications. unmynd GmbH cannot be held liable for any damages or injuries resulting from participation in this event.

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