Private Breathwork Session

Breathing - the most beautiful and natural tool that we carry within us to go through life more carefree and with lightness.

In everyday life we often breathe incorrectly - superficially, irregularly and mostly unconsciously.

Through conscious connected breathing you can sustainably improve your general well-being, release emotional blockages or traumas and reconnect with your core, your essence. A place we too often forget and pay too little attention to in our hectic daily lives.

Breathwork only goes as far as you allow it to go. Maybe you're in need of rest and relaxation or maybe you're ready to embark on an emotional, spiritual and physical journey.

A 90 minute music-based Breathwork session consists of a grounding exercise, active breathing, which lasts approximately 30-40 minutes followed by a final rest period.

After booking I will contact you to set up a timing for a an online session. In-person session upon request - currently based in Fuerteventura, Spain.
  • SFr. 110.00
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