THE Bubble Candle is here

THE Bubble Candle is here

So, what is self-care and why is it important? There are many different forms of self-care practice. In a nutshell, it means taking care of your body, mind & soul and this includes everything that makes you feel good. It's about being kind to yourself and listening to your needs. The aim however is to not only feel good in the present moment but to adopt long-lasting habits for long-term happiness and balance. 

A part of self-care might also be to create a loving space for yourself. A place where you can dream, let go of all your worries and unmynd

To make your personal wellbeing space even more cosy we added the bubble candles to our shop. They not only serve as a beautiful and trendy interior piece but are also a great addition to your morning or evening rituals.

Handpoured candles made in Switzerland with 100% local rapeseed wax. The smooth and comforting scent of vanilla makes you feel relaxed, calm and uplifted. Each piece is unique and can slightly vary in form and colour. 

Hop to the shop now and get your hands on these unique candles for a warm atmosphere at home.

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